Suite type salons differ from traditional salons in some very distinct and important ways. In traditional salons, stylists work at stations that are either out in the open or are semi-private. Hair shampooing and rinsing is done at a central location where there are usually multiple shampoo stations. Our suite type salons offer each stylist his or her own private suite, with four walls and a door. Within that suite is everything needed to run a small one or two person salon: A styling station and chair, shampoo bowl and chair, stand up hair dryer, and other furnishings the stylist may choose. Nail suites, skin care suites, and massage suites are, of course, furnished differently. The individual suites offer clients privacy and one on one attention.


Beauty professionals have the opportunity to personalize and furnish the to their liking. But most importantly they have the opportunity to manage their business as they choose – be their own boss, set their own hours, sell products of their choice, and keep the profits. Charisma Salon Suites provides the benefits of salon ownership without the related high initial investment and complexities of operating a salon business, allowing beauty professionals to focus on their individual businesses.